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Microsoft buys GitHub for 7.5 billion!

Microsoft buys GitHub for 7.5 billion!

When I first scanned the headlines last week and saw reports of talks for Microsoft to buy GitHub I laughed to myself. That would be funny I assured myself, not thinking it would actually happen. A week later I see the confirmed reports its actually happening!

Doom and gloom has blanketed the programming community as it usually does when Microsoft's name gets thrown at developers. So what gives? Why is Microsoft buying GitHub? What does this mean for your projects?

Developer reaction

The reactions to the almost official news are already pouring in. GitLab, a GitHub alternative is already seeing 10x the normal respository import rate:

GitLab has already written a nice congratulations post for the GitHub team. Although they forgot to thank them for the new business.

Heading over to Twitter there are no shortage of quips about Microsoft taking over:

How we got here

Surprisingly, when searching through developer reactions I expected a lot more resistance. If this news came just 4 or 5 years ago there would have been a lot more outrage. So what is the difference?

Ballmer era

Just 5 years ago Steve Ballmer was stil the CEO of Microsoft struggling to push products like Windows Phone and the infamous Windows 8. It would be safe to say these launches did not go well.

Enter Satya Nadella

Nadella came on as CEO in in 2014 and completely turned Microsoft in another direction. Heck, is first aquisiton was Mojang - the guys who made a little game you may know called Minecraft.

Here are a few things that have happened since Nadella came on board.

Is the coding community doomed?


It is that plain and simple. Microsoft has been increasing revenue thanks primarily to the company's cloud offerings. Buying GitHub is a perfect business decision to help fuel the Azure platform and built trust with developers.

If we have seen anything from the LinkedIn acquisition, Microsoft can aquire and keep things status-quo. The Microsoft of 10 years ago would suddenly rebrand to Microsoft GitHub and start shoving unwanted features through the pipe. Mojang, LinkedIn, Xbox continue hum along.

Fret not, fellow developer, GitHub will be ok. We can all go back to tweets of Clippy being integrated into our commits.

If you are still worried, GitLab is a perfect alternative used for ByteMaster that I love!